Tuesday 12 December 2017

Neven's kitchen break to care for baby twins

NEVEN Maguire is taking a break from the limelight to look after his new family.

The busy celebrity chef, who is starring in RTE's Home Chef, became a father earlier this month after his wife Amelda gave birth to twins Connor and Lucia.

The family had a scare a few days after the birth, as Amelda became ill with cardiomyopathy -- a condition associated with heart failure.

A source close to the couple has revealed the new mum was "doing a lot better".

"Amelda seems to have recovered, she's doing great and the twins are healthy," the source told the Herald before adding that Neven would take a short break from his public life to concentrate on his family.

The twins were born by caesarean in Sligo General Hospital on February 8, a week earlier than expected because Amelda showed signs of high blood pressure.

"We were all in a shock, it was so sudden. I was so upset," said Neven. "Thank God she was in the Sligo Hospital. They reacted so quickly and Amelda is recovering quite well."

"She was so weak last week, she couldn't even talk or breathe and I got really scared."


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