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Nadia hoping for invite to a Wilde night out as she jets to LA for acting class

TOP model Nadia Forde (24) could be rubbing shoulders with Colin Farrell in LA next month as she gears up to fly off to California.

It's so long Dublin, hello LA for the brown-eyed beauty, who'll be heading off in a fortnight.

She'll be forsaking these chilly shores for the sunshine state to start her new acting course.

Which means she'll be there for the eighth annual Oscar Wilde ceremony on February 21.


The glitzy party -- a yearly event that takes place on the eve of the Academy Awards and honours the Irish in film -- always features some of the best-known personalities in the industry.

This year will see Seven Psychopaths actor Farrell honoured at the Santa Monica bash, which always sees plenty of home-grown talent in attendance.

Last year saw Claudine Keane gliding down the green carpet, alongside model-turned-actress Roz Lipsett, Amy Huberman and Victoria Smurfit.

Now young starlet Nadia, who attended Elton John's Winter Ball, will be hoping to turn on the glam and score an invite to the prestigious bash.

A trained singer, the model recently completed her first role in panto and now hopes to branch out into acting.

A source said: "Nadia's really looking forward to heading over there. This is a huge step up in her career and that would be a great event to attend," said a source.

"She's also going to be heading over at the same time as the pilot season in LA, so there's going to be lots of opportunities for her to meet all the right people and make some good contacts."

Ambitious Nadia is being flown over by a London agency that has signed her up for a top acting course in Los Angeles. She'll travel over with Big Finish productions and spend two weeks learning the tricks of the trade.

Last week saw her jump ship from Assets agency to sign up with Andrea Roche in a bid to launch herself further afield.

She said she thought long and hard before deciding to leave the agency she was with for five years in favour of joining forces with the Miss Universe Ireland organiser.

But although she'll be heading over to spend time in America next month, don't expect to see her shedding her clothes anytime soon.

The former girlfriend of rugby star Luke Fitzgerald has also vowed to never pose for Hugh Hefner's Playboy, no matter how much money she's offered.

"I don't think I would do it. I would probably be more shy when it comes to those kind of things and feel my body's for my eyes only. I would love to have the courage to do it, but it's not me," she said.