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My twin Ciara loves pretending to be me, says sizzling Raw star Kelly

She may sizzle on screen as man-eater Kate, but actress Kelly Gough says it's her twin sister who is stealing all the limelight.

Fans of kitchen drama Raw often approach Kelly's identical twin Ciara to chat about the series.

"I live in London so I don't get recognised that much," 25-year-old Kelly told the Herald.

"But Ciara is based in Dublin, so she has people coming up to her talking about Raw."

While most fans have nothing but praise for the series, a few aren't quite so friendly.

"Most people are lovely, but every so often the odd person comes up and says 'are you that slutty one off Raw?'" Kelly laughs.


"Ciara can always see it coming, people will do a double take and then after they've had a few drinks they'll approach her. A lot of girls come up to her in the bathroom of clubs to talk about it."

And sometimes Ciara entertains the fans. "Sometimes she goes along with it and says she is me, it depends what mood she's in. Once when she was working in a pharmacy, a lady came in to pick up a prescription and started talking about the show.

"Ciara pretended to be me and invented this whole back-story about how tough the acting world is and that's why she worked at the pharmacy. So if she's in the mood she just runs with it." Clare native Kelly plays restaurant boss Fiona's irresponsible sister Kate in the award winning series.

"She's a bit of Machiavellian," Kelly says. "The end justifies the means. If she sees something -- she goes out and gets it. So I hope she's very different to me," she says. "It's great fun playing a character who is so completely different to me. Even the way we dress is different.

"I'm a lot more casual. Everyday I'd come in my T-shirt and converse trainers and the wardrobe department would have to shoehorn me into those dresses and heels."

Fans of the series were surprised when Raw failed to pick up any IFTA nominations this year. But Kelly was unfazed by the omission and hopes Love/Hate's Charlie Murphy picks up the award for Best Actress.

"It's always swings and roundabouts with these things," she said. "As an actor, you can't let yourself get too caught up in things like that. A real variety of actors have been nominated this year - which is great. I think if Charlie Murphy doesn't win, she will have been robbed."

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