Tuesday 12 December 2017

My star-studded book launch, first VIP shoot, the marathon... a very busy week!

MY week started off with a bang as I decided to have a big party to launch my new book in the Bellini bar of the Burlington hotel on Monday night.

It's called Real Results, The Ultimate Health And Fitness Guide and I'm hoping it will give readers an insight into how to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Almost 400 guests turned up which was fantastic as I was quite nervous about it beforehand.

I had a great crew of celebrities there as well as all of my closest friends and family members.

My dad Pat Henry's new jazzband The Norman Teeling trio played on the night and they went down a storm.

They reformed for his 61st birthday and he loves his music so it was nice to have that family element at the party.

He was a great support to me in organising everything for the big bash, as were the rest of my family and NK management, who made it all happen,

Everyone from Lorraine Keane to Leigh Arnold to Andrea Roche to Lisa Fitzpatrick turned up to party, as well as some of the gang from the new TV show Camelot.

Claire Byrne was also there as the MC and she did a very challenging interview with me. There was a special significance in asking Claire to do it. First off I do some training work with her. She's been in training for an upcoming half-marathon so she's working hard. She was also the first person who ever interviewed me. That was on Newstalk quite a while back now and I suppose I was a bit nervous but she put me at ease immediately.

I owe a lot to my late friend Gerry Ryan in that respect as well. I am inherently a very shy person and I suppose I had to change my personality a bit when I began doing all the media work.

Gerry was very supportive and always giving me lots of tips and advice. He is still very much missed. I'll never forget that terrible day when I got the phone call. It was phenomenally emotional.

The only good thing that I feel came from his death is that it kind of had that Jade Goody effect and now more men will go and get themselves checked out. We're really hoping to get that message across further in the new series of Operation Transformation.

It's going to be a brand new show and we're really excited about it. I'm very much looking forward to working with Kathryn Thomas and I think she's the ideal candidate for it. Every year we try to change the show. We had our first production meeting about it last Tuesday and there were some very good ideas brought to the table.

My girlfriend Jean Kenny and I just took it easy and had a nice lunch. She's a doctor and based in Tralee. We're both very driven so the long distance works for us as it allows us to concentrate on our own individual work projects as well.

We did our first shoot together for VIP magazine in Cork last weekend. We both really enjoyed it. The sun was shining all day so hopefully they'll look well. That was Saturday and then we came back up to Dublin together on Sunday before the party.

This weekend as I'll be very busy ahead of the marathon on Monday. I'm going to have a stand at the marathon expo all weekend so people can come up and ask for tips.

I've also been working with four people as part of the Spar challenge. They've never done a marathon before so we had to get our race plan together and get them ready.

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