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Must be love as Hannah braves snow to jet home for beau's birthday bash

LONDON is in the middle of a snow storm, but this will not stop top Irish model Hannah Devane making a dash home in the name of love.

The London-based model is determined to make her long distance relationship work and this means returning to Dublin this weekend for her boyfriend's birthday.

The Ballsbridge beauty has been going out with Serbian native Memanja Bukanic (24) for a year-and-a-half.

Despite just returning to work following Christmas, the 23-year-old is flying home this weekend to help her boyfriend celebrate his 25th birthday.


And the former Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model finalist is hoping poor weather conditions will not stand in the way of true love.

"He came here for my birthday so it's only fair that I go back for his. I just want to be home to take him out for dinner and go out to party with him. I'm only home for the weekend," she added.

Hannah will make the most of her short trip home and will also celebrate her sister's birthday, which falls next week.

The model is looking forward to dining out and partying , with Dublin haunt Vanilla nightclub and model favourite Krystle, possible locations.

Hannah, who is still signed with AR Models in Dublin, made the move to London last October after she was snapped up by First Model Management in the UK.

While she is making the most of the experience across the water, Hannah says that long distance romance can be tough.

"It definitely takes getting used to because I used to see him every single day so with the distance it means lots of talking on the phone.

"But we're both so busy and we came to the conclusion that we're young and you need to do your thing while you have the opportunities," she added.

"We have the rest of our lives to be together and be boring," said Hannah laughing.


Hannah is currently living in South London with her aunt; however, she is hoping to move into an apartment closer to the city centre with two of her model pals in the coming weeks.

While Hannah sees a future with her man, the couple are happy to stay where they are as they both look to develop their careers.

"He's looking for a job in Ireland at the moment to follow up his Master's degree and to get good experience. I don't think he'll want to move over here until he's on the career ladder because it is more expensive to live here," she added.

Hannah has been busy in London since her return where casting season is in full flow and this means trekking to auditions each day in the thick snow.

She has already enjoyed shoots for department store Debenhams and has lined up projects for February, which could include a spot in London's fashion week.

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