Saturday 16 December 2017

Mum-to-be Pam opens up about her joy over baby

RTE presenter Pamela Flood (39) has revealed how she can't wait to add the title of 'yummy mummy' to her extensive CV.

Speaking for the first time about her pregnancy, the stunning blonde told the Herald she "couldn't be happier".

"I'm due in the middle of March and I'm absolutely over the moon. It's the best news ever, I'm delighted," she said. "It's going great and I was very lucky, very fortunate in that I didn't have any sickness at all which I know is an absolute blessing because I've had friends who were sick and friends who weren't. So I'm enjoying it. I've wanted this for a long time."

She also revealed how she's been taking meticulous care of herself ahead of the arrival of her baby with restaurateur Ronan Ryan.

"I've been really active because I can suffer with my back so my osteopath has been advising me to swim a few times a week and I'm also hoping to start some yoga classes. I'm also out walking the dogs nearly every day. I'm more active now than I have been in 20 years because I want to enjoy it and to be as nice as it can be," she continued.

However, the imminent arrival will be tinged with sadness, as Pamela lost her own mum Paula at the age of 59 five years ago. A former bar worker, she died in 2005 following her diagnosis with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

And this week saw Pamela use her own personal experience to help highlight the plight of the estimated 110,000 Irish people suffering from the disease -- and urge anyone concerned to visit their GP.

"I'm far from an expert but I did live with this disease for a number of years because my mum was diagnosed with it four years before she died. But she could have had it for a whole lot longer because she had a persistent cough for as long as I can remember, since I was a child really," she explained.

"She was an incredibly active person and she wasn't a smoker either. The vast majority of CPO sufferers are smokers or reformed smokers -- my mum wasn't but she worked in a passive smoking environment in a pub for 30 years so that could have contributed to it."


Pamela went on to explain how a diagnosis of her mum's COPD no doubt helped prolong her life. "She was only 59, but she might have left us earlier had she not received the right treatment," she continued.

"As the time went by, her stints in hospital became more frequent and the time between them became less and less. But at least the time when she was out of hospital, she had quality of life because they were able to give the lungs a bit of a break."

Pamela also admitted she would love a regular job on daytime TV after recently filling in for Claire Byrne on RTE's The Daily Show.


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