Saturday 16 December 2017

Mum-to-be Laura to take six months off TV -- like pal Colette

RTE presenter Laura Woods will be following the lead of fellow mum-to-be Colette Fitzpatrick and taking her full six months maternity leave.

The bubbly blonde -- who is due to give birth on November 15, the same day as TV3 star Colette -- finished up her role as an entertainment reporter on Will Leahy's 2fm radio show earlier this month and says she's now looking forward to concentrating on bonding with her new arrival.

Laura (33) explained how she and news anchor Colette had stayed in touch through-out their pregnancies and were looking forward to meeting each other's babies.


"I'm definitely going to take a full six months off so I won't be back to work until at least February or March," Laura told the Diary.

"To be honest I'll have to see how wrecked I am and how I cope with it all before I make any decisions about my plans after that. I've been keeping a low profile for the last while as I just feel enormous.

"I met Colette for lunch last week, as I was interviewing her for my column in RSVP and we were joking that she must be having a girl and mine has to be a boy as she's the most petite pregnant person I know.

"Her bump is just tiny, I've been calling it the phantom bump. Neither of us knows what sex baby we're expecting so it will be interesting to see if our predictions come true, especially as we're both due on the same day."

Laura, who wed her architect hubby Mark Arigho in September 2009, explained how she has also been busy swapping tips with fellow Montrose pal Pamela Flood since she confirmed her own pregnancy with restaurateur partner Ronan Ryan.

The former host of The Big Money Game revealed how her colleague was in "flying form" and admitted offering Pamela plenty of advice.

Laura went on to explain how she had the opportunity to celebrate her own foray into motherhood in style last week when her friends hosted a baby shower for her.


"I really enjoyed it," she said. "It was a lovely chance for me to catch up with everyone before I disappear into hiding next month when the baby comes. It was just a few close friends and family members. I thought it was going to be quite low key but they really put a lot of effort into it.

"One of my girlfriends also got married in Kerry at the weekend so although I was terrified I would go into labour early I didn't want to miss it," she added.

Laura says she is hoping to be back in shape in time for her close pal Brian Ormond's nuptials to top model Pippa O'Connor next June, but is adamant she won't be putting herself under too much pressure.

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