Friday 17 November 2017

Mum's novel approach to book promotion pays off

AN author took a novel approach to promoting her new book -- by giving away 19,000 copies.

Sally Clements was eager to promote her second novel Bound For Love on the e-books Amazon site, and the gamble proved a huge success with the Kildare mum-of-three enjoying thousands of sales in the past few weeks.

"I couldn't believe the interest. A good month for me would be 16 books.

"I went back to paid sales on January 2 and since then I've sold over 2,200 books. It's absolutely huge," said Sally.

The interest in her book also saw her shoot to number one in the Amazon e-book romance charts and number four in the fiction charts.

"That was paid sales, I was absolutely astonished. Sales of my other books have also doubled or tripled with people who liked what they read trying the others," she added.

Sally, from Celbridge, began writing nine years ago but hadn't published a book until 2010.


"I'd been a stay-at-home mum for the past few years. Over the years I spent time fiddling with writing and thinking about it and just messing with it. It eventually got to the stage where I either had to decide to do the thing or stop messing with it," she said.

She published her second book Bound To Love in February of last year. The turn around in sales was all the more sweet for Sally because at one stage she was afraid the book would never be published.

"This book had a chequered history. It was released originally through a UK publisher, it even went to print but after six months the company folded. I got the rights to the book back and decided not to send it out again. So I decided I'd self-publish instead," she explained.

She self-published Bound To Love before placing it for sale on Amazon's website. However, sales were slow.

At the beginning of December, Amazon contacted Sally about joining a select group who would promote their books through free giveaways, for several days every three months.


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