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MTV beauty Laura scouts songwriting talent in new RTE show

IRISH star Laura Whitmore have revealed her hopes that her first RTE project, The Hit, will be picked up globally.

The blonde bombshell (27) has been working steadily as a presenter for MTV and ITV over the past three years is relocating to Ireland for a new talent programme.

"It's a new format and it's very exciting," she explained. "I get projects brought to me all the time but one thing I always said about the industry is that I would never work on a show that I didn't want to watch myself. This is a new format that some very clever people have come up with."

The show will see eight aspiring songwriters going up against each other in a bid to have their song recorded by a successful artist.


Laura, originally from Bray, Co Wicklow, explained how if the pilot goes well, it could get picked up by major networks in a major career step for her.

"Warner Brothers are involved so potentially, if the pilot goes well, it could go global which will be very interesting. But it will be aired first on RTE so it's my first outing on RTE which is quite exciting," she continued.

She was recently given the honour of holding the Olympic torch, ahead of the event kicking off in London on July 27, and she has also signed up for a slot presenting ITV's sports coverage as she continues to spread her presenting wings.

"That's for two weeks and it's a live show with ITV Studios on ITV2 so 35 countries are going to show the show that I'm hosting which I can't wait for.