Tuesday 12 December 2017

Most crass Irish TV show has just got even tackier

I BET their parents would be so proud...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any tackier, the Tallafornia 'stars' have gone all out with their first sex scene in front of the cameras.

The fourth episode of TV3's trashy show is set to air on screens tonight and fans can expect more raunchy antics and viewers will even catch a glimpse of them getting down and dirty.

It seems teenager Nikita Murray, who was slagged off in last week's instalment on numerous occasions for being "easy", has thrown caution to the wind.

The raven-haired 19-year-old, who first hooked up with taxi driver Cormac Brannigan (29) at the beginning of the series, can be seen stripping down and getting into bed with self-professed ladies' man Phil Penny.

Philly (22), who confessed to the cameras last week that he thought Nikita was easy but still wouldn't turn her away, boasts in the boys' bedroom that the condom is his armour and plans to get lucky.

After celebrating Natalie Geraghty's 21st birthday bash, Phil, who has dressed as a sailor for the party, picks Nikita up in the kitchen and takes her upstairs.

The booze-fuelled pair then hop into bed in the "score room" -- and decide to allow the camera crew to catch a sneak peak of them kissing and undressing, before doing the deed under the duvet.

A delighted Phil jokes: "If you look to your left there is an emergency exit, to the right we have a window. In case of emergency slide down the hole for safe landing."

And that's not all they get up to. Later Nikita ignores warnings from the housemates that Phil is only after one thing and continues with her affair with the unemployed bachelor.

She allows Phil to untie her bikini top at the Wright Venue club. Yesterday a TV3 spokeswoman insisted the X-rated scenes were "not porn".


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