Sunday 17 December 2017

Model Madeline in the wars again as she belts brute who punched her in face

MODEL Madeline Mulqueen served up some rough justice after being punched in the face by a man she rejected.

The star of Rubberbandits' video Horse Outside took the law into her own hands when she smacked the guy on St Stephen's Day.

Madeline (22) says she declined the advances of a man while on a night out in her native Limerick, but he didn't take it very well.

"That's Limerick city when u reject a boy and then he punches you in the face. Hahaha can't wait to get back to Dublin!!!," she wrote on Twitter.

In reply to tweets from followers, Madeline said: "I'm ok, I hit him harder than he hit me #girlpower."


It is the second time in just three months that the Dublin-based model has been involved in an altercation.

In October the Herald reported how she was left "in shock" after a customer in a fast-food restaurant punched her in the face.

On that occasion she was left nursing a sore jaw after she was hit while standing in the queue at McDonald's on Grafton Street in Dublin.

She had come to the defence of a McDonald's employee over a payment issue when an angry customer rounded on her.

After the latest row, she left a message on Facebook describing her alleged assailant as "a very lucky guy".

"The guards saw you run away like a coward and I told them to leave you off cos that's exactly what you are, but they know who you are.

"The fact you can hit someone, not to mind a girl is the most disgusting trait in a human being. I was being more than polite to you and when things didn't go your way you hit me in the face."

She added: "Well, I hope your jaw is just as sore as mine today cos you should never underestimate a girl's strength you bully. Happy Christmas!"

Madeline also left several posts on Twitter in which she described her mood as "sad and sore".

In response to people criticising her for "hitting him back", Madeline defended her actions.

"So ppl r saying I'm in the wrong for hittin him back...Yes hitting ppl is a disgusting trait but not when ur trying to defend urself. I'm far from a violent person, I love my home town Limerick, this can happen anywhere, not just Limerick," she wrote.

Her Twitter account has since been disabled.


It is the second Christmas in a row that the model has landed herself in trouble.

Last year she dislocated her ankle in an accident involving a horse.

She has repeatedly hit the headlines during the year, most famously in April, when she clashed with magazine publisher Michael O'Doherty on Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

In mid-September, the glamorous socialite was rushed to hospital in Limerick with "tortuous" stomach pains and later had to have her appendix removed.


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