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Model Madeline hasn't complained to gardai after man 'punched her in the face'

MODEL Madeline Mulqueen hasn't lodged a complaint with gardai about an alleged assault in which she claimed a man punched her.

The star of The Rubberbandits' Horse Outside video claimed she was punched in the face by a man whose advances she spurned while on a night out in her native Limerick. But it is understood Madeline has yet to lodge a complaint with gardai.

She told the Herald she is keen to put the incident behind her -- but would not comment on whether she planned to report it to gardai.

"I don't want to talk about it. I have decided to leave all of that in last year and I'm now focusing on college work," she said. "I'd prefer not to talk about that at all."

When asked if she did register a complaint, Madeline said that she had "no further comment to make on that".

It is understood that gardai are keen to push on with the investigation and are urging Ms Mulqueen to register a complaint.

"When an incident as shocking as this occurs, it is vital that it is reported," a garda source said.


In the aftermath of the incident, Madeline took to Twitter to explain what happened.

"That's Limerick City, when you reject a boy and he punches you in the face," she said.

And at the time Madeline said that she gave as good as she got.

"I'm ok, I hit him harder than he hit me #girlpower," she said.

It was the second time in less than three months that the model said that she was assaulted.

In October, Madeline (21) was hit by a woman while standing in the queue at McDonald's on Grafton Street in Dublin.

She jumped to the defence of a McDonald's employee when an angry customer rounded on her.

"I noticed she only gave €5 but she was claiming she'd given €20. So I pulled the manager aside to say it to them," Madeline explained.

"The woman obviously heard me, because she ran up to me and gave me the biggest punch I've ever gotten in my life across the jaw."

But now Madeline said that she is keen to press on and keep her head in her studies of fitness training.

"I'm working really hard, I have no day off until March so it is tough keeping up with that," she said.

"But you just have to keep going even if it means I have no time for myself. I'm just getting out there and getting experience in the gyms."

The model said that she will start to take on some personal fitness clients when her training ends.