Thursday 23 November 2017

Model bosses blast Tubridy saying ... Who are you calling chunky ?

RYAN TUBRIDY has found himself in hot water with the model industry after referring to Irish models as chunky.

The Late Late Show host caused nervous laughter among the audience when he blurted out the offensive remark during an interview with former model Andrea Roche.

During a conversation on the size of models, Tubridy queried; "Would our models be a bit chunkier?"

"I wouldn't call it chunky, God no," responded a visibly surprised Ms Roche.

Tubridy persisted, adding: "But there's a bit more meat on the bones of an Irish model."


In turn Ms Roche insisted Irish models were a "normal shape".

Model industry heads here have criticised the commentator for his remarks.

Rebecca Morgan, of Morgan Agency, described the comments as 'disrespectful' and 'misguided'.

She insisted there was no place for such terms in modelling.

"It beggars belief that anyone would still speak of Irish girls in that way. There are girls out there that are model material and we are looking for girls for all sorts for shoots.

"It's just so misguided. We have a lot of work internationally for models who are very successful both regular and plus size models," said Ms Morgan.


Trish Fallon, of First Options Model Agency, said: "It's not a nice word to use in any aspect when referring to any woman whether she be a model or a check out girl. Curvy and delicious would be my chosen words."

However, Andrea Roche defended Tubridy: "I think it was just a turn of phrase, I didn't think he meant anything bad by it at all." A spokesperson for RTE refused to comment today.


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