Wednesday 22 November 2017

McGuinness spat was lowest point -- Miriam

RTE STAR Miriam O'Callaghan has revealed that her dramatic encounter with Martin McGuinness during the presidential debate was the "most difficult" part of her career so far.

The fiery clash was one of the most memorable moments of the presidential campaign and saw the presenter strongly challenge the former IRA man over his murky past.

However Miriam dismissed suggestions that she treated the Ulster MLA unfairly, adding that she was just doing her job.

"Look, it's like every political party and group from the north and south of the border have got really annoyed at me at one stage or another, so I think that probably means I'm doing my job as best I can ... you need to ask tough questions or give up the game."

And Miriam has also told of coming under fierce attack from another aggressive Northern politician -- this time at the hands of Ian Paisley.

"I remember interviewing Ian Paisley a few years back and he went mental and tried to lock and the crew into a hall in Ballymena. It was in the 90s during the peace process," she said.

"I was asking him about the strong views he expressed in the past, which many would regard as being quite aggressive and quite mean to Catholicism. I asked him did that not incite hatred. I went on about it a bit and he just went mental."

In an interview with the The Dubliner magazine, which is published exclusively with the Herald tomorrow, the mum-of-eight ruled out the possibility of taking over the reins as The Late Late Show host.

"Ryan is doing it and doing it brilliantly and I hope he does it for the next 100 years," she said.


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