Monday 18 December 2017


MUM-to-be Claire Byrne has revealed she has yet to decide how long she will take off to have her baby as she will not get maternity leave.

The 36-year-old, who is expecting her first baby in October, has a contract with RTE so does not receive maternity leave.

"Everyone is asking me about how long I am going to take off but I really don't know because I am a contractor and only get paid when I work. I don't get six months off maternity leave so instead I am going to see how I feel after the baby and work it out from there," Claire told the Herald.

However the Prime Time host stressed she "wasn't complaining" about being a contractor and that she took the rough with the smooth.

"If I wanted a staff job I could get one elsewhere with maternity pay. I don't have an issue with being a contractor. This is just how it works," she said.


She could be taking more time off next year, if herself and partner Gerry decide to tie the knot.

"We might try and get our heads around that next year. We occasionally think we should get married at some point but then we think let's not even go there until the baby is born. My head would explode if I had to think about a wedding with everything else on," she revealed.

With a busy schedule at RTE, working on Morning Ireland, Prime Time and hosting Saturday With Claire Byrne, which will resume after the birth of her baby, she hopes to split her week between being a mum and working in RTE.

"The great thing is that not having a nine to five, I have some leeway. I don't really have family in Dublin, nobody lives close so I haven't worked out yet what I am going to do as regards childcare," she said.


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