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Louise to keep wedding venue secret


Louise McSharry

Louise McSharry

Louise McSharry

Broadcaster Louise McSharry has revealed that her wedding plans are in full swing but she wants to keep her wedding venue a secret.

The 2FM presenter is currently undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is planning her wedding between chemotherapy sessions.

"We're actually just kicking into wedding planning now. I'm just getting my head in the game," she told the Herald.

Although Louise is excited about the big day, she has been warned by fiance Gordon Spieran (inset) not to reveal their wedding venue.

"We're having it down in Cork and I'm starting to feel like I have a picture of what I want - a lot of gold glitter, that's my main focus at the moment.

"We're keeping the venue itself private. My boyfriend would kill me if I told everybody, he's like 'we have to some things for ourselves'."

Although Louise (31) has yet to find her wedding dress as she's found the experience quite "stressful".


"The dress-trying-on experience was quite stressful, it's really hard because all the dresses only have each style in one size so you're never trying something on that fits you," she said.

"So they're either strapping you into something that is too small for you or you're drowning in a dress that's too big for you so you can't really get an idea of whether or not you'd look nice in it.

"So I think I might get something made," she added.

McSharry has been off work for several months in order to undergo treatment, but insisted she's been "responding very well" and is hoping to be back on-air at 2fm next May.

"I want to be back at RTE as soon as I possibly can, but the tricky thing with chemotherapy is that your tiredness accumulates, so you get more and more tired as you go on," she said.

Louise was recently honoured with a special Role Model Award at the Stellar Shine Awards last week.