Wednesday 24 April 2019

Livin' with Lucy was hot and steamy says Failte Towers star

Failte Towers star Don Baker has made a big splash with RTE star Lucy Kennedy -- after hopping into his Jacuzzi with her.

The Diary can reveal that the legendary crooner is the latest celebrity to sign up for the brunette presenter's new RTE series Livin' with Lucy.

And it seems that the pair got on like a house on fire, even getting all hot and steamy when they shared a hot tub session together.

"Lucy was great fun, she's a fantastic girl. I lived with her for three days and she came up to my house in Trim, where we had a brilliant time. She has a great personality and is great fun to be around," he explained.

"I felt sorry for her though as she had just done her make-up when I suggested hopping into the hot tub ... she was like a drowned rat!"

He also managed to coax the bubbly presenter up on stage with him when he performed in his local pub, with eager Lucy joining in by playing the tambourine with him.


And contrary to some paranoid celebs, Don says he has no problem sharing his life story with the public.

"We had some really good conversations during the show. I'm an open book though, I always have been.

"I genuinely forget there's a camera on me and I just keep talking. But I have to say, it has sometimes got me into more trouble that it's worth," he laughed. He hit the headlines last August due to his fiery appearance on RTE's Failte Towers and infamous clash with Michelin-starred chef Derry Clarke.

Yet Don insists that if the opportunity arose to appear in another reality show, he would have no problem signing on the dotted line.

"I wouldn't do one where you just sat around in bed all day but I'm of the belief that God gave me a talent and I should give a little back," he added.

The newly married Lucy Kennedy has coaxed a rake of her celebrity pals into taking part in the second series of her show.

Among them was expectant dad Shayne Lynch, whose wife Sheena is expecting their first baby shortly.

The only downside of moving in with the boyband star was that Lucy had to bunk down with him in a camper van in Surrey, as his house was being revamped at the time.

-- MF

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