Friday 19 January 2018

Lisa's new book weighs up her life in the spotlight

Lisa Fitzpatrick. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Lisa Fitzpatrick. Photo: Gerry Mooney

DUBLIN stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick says her new book will chart her journey from a size 18 to now.

After a summer of working with hit ITV breakfast show This Morning, the mum-of-two is gearing up to launch her new book across the water.

The 41-year-old is in the final stages of editing the book with UK publishing house Kyle Cathie, which will be launched in April.

Her book will take a closer look at health and her battle with the scales.

"I was a plus-size girl once. I've been every size and shape, so I know how it feels," Lisa told the Herald.

"It shows how I have good days and bad days, where I eat all around me on the weekends and then go back to it on a Monday. That's what has worked for me," she added.

The book will also be launched in Ireland, but the future looks bright for Lisa in the UK, and she will meet with ITV bosses to discuss her future on This Morning.

"They wrap up for summer and then we are going over to them after that when they decide what the show will be going forward," she added.

She is also hoping that pal Yvonne Keating, who featured on the show this week, has a future on television.

"She's a natural. I'd imagine lots of people will be queuing to sign her up."

And Lisa says her UK TV debut has whet her appetite for more fashion work on the small screen.

"I thought it was a great shame that Off the Rails didn't come back this year.

"I'd love to do styling and makeovers for real women like that."


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