Sunday 20 January 2019

Lisa looks a knock-out after cutting out drink and taking up boxing

XPOSE star Lisa Cannon has revealed how her svelte figure is all down to her newly acquired love of boxing.

The presenter, who turned heads when she stepped out to last Monday night's Jameson Cult Film Club in a fitted black playsuit, explained how any recent weight loss is all down to her new hobby.

Lisa (33) says she's a member of a gym and has been taking regular boxing classes there since joining in the past few months.

"It's all down to the boxing, I love it," she told the Herald. "It's pretty strenuous and it's great for toning the arms in particular.

"I go a couple of times a week when I can and I'm not too busy with work.

"I had lost weight but I needed to tone up and it's great when you can do that by doing something you enjoy.

"Of course I'm trying to eat more healthily as well, I feel great," she added.

The brunette showbiz reporter dropped from a size 12 to a perfect 10 last year after ditching the booze from her diet.

And following her recent additional weight-loss it looks like the TV3 star has dropped down to a size eight.

At the time Lisa revealed how she had struggled with her weight for the previous 12 months and said she had never been happier after losing a stone.

"I decided at Christmas that it was time to do something drastic as I was feeling bloated and just generally out of shape," she said.


"I cut out a lot of the booze. That really helped, as well as walking the dog, eating extremely well and living more healthily."

Lisa had the opportunity to interview one of her film idols, Kevin Spacey at this week's Jameson Film Festival event, which took place at an abandoned warehouse San Pedro at Dublin's Docklands.

The Dublin presenter explained how she was particularly interested in discussing the forthcoming Oscar ceremony with him, given that he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Usual Suspects before landing Best Actor for American Beauty.


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