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Lisa - All I want for Christmas is a UK hotel with MY dad and gran


Lisa Cannon. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Lisa Cannon. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Lisa Cannon. Photo: Brian McEvoy

TV3 presenter Lisa Cannon has revealed that she prefers spending Christmas in the UK with her grandmother than at home in Dublin.

Lisa's mother died in 2008 following a long illness and now she and her dad take Christmas as an opportunity to get away.

"I think if anybody loses a parent, that changes Christmas. I always tend to go away for Christmas because I don't really like sitting in my family home," she revealed.

Over the past few years, London has been a popular choice for the Cannon family Christmas as Lisa's 101-year-old grandmother lives there.

They have previously celebrated the festive season at Claridge's in Mayfair and The Dorchester - hotels they know her grandmother would like. "We want to take her somewhere elegant and nice," Lisa said.

And as Lisa (35) and her fiancee Welsh rugby player Richard Keatley plan to tie the knot in 2015, this Christmas will be her last one as a single lady.


But as an only child, Lisa says there is only one special person she has to spend the holidays with.

"I'd like my dad to always be there. I've never spent Christmas apart from my dad so I don't think I'd start now," she said.

While Lisa says she loves the experience of going away for Christmas, there is another reason she likes to celebrate in a nice hotel.

"I just wouldn't have an interest in cooking Christmas dinner, not for two people. It would be different if you were cooking for loads of people and kids, that would be fun," she admitted.

Lisa and Richard have been engaged for almost a year and she will be planning their nuptials over the coming months.

"I've nothing sorted and I'm going to start looking at wedding dresses in the next while," she revealed.

Although she has decided that the wedding will take place in Italy and that she wants two dresses.

"I think for after the speeches I'll get something short and fun - there is a lot to organise. It's going to be very busy," she admitted.