Monday 18 February 2019

Lily can smile for all the doubters, as her fashion dream heads for swanky BT launch

THEY said it would never work, and for Lily Allen costs are already shooting towards the 'half-a-mill' mark.

But the former pop star turned fashion designer has turned around her Lucy in Disguise clothes rental business and has turned it into a global designer label, with Dublin in its sights.

Lily and sister Sarah Owen had hoped to set up a high-end couture rental business, but the idea was poo-pooed by retail fashion guru Mary Portas.

But something has obviously gone right, because Lucy in Disguise will be launched in BT this weekend -- in what will be Ms Allen's final public appearances before her wedding to Sam Cooper.

Following her tragic late-term miscarriage Lily will attempt to look forward as she sets up shop in the country's leading designer department store.

She and Sarah will unveil their new collection this Saturday at 12:30pm, with the designing duo talking buyers and fashion fans through each item.

The girls have designed the collection themselves and is based on their passion for vintage fashion.

And fans will hope that the Dublin event will be equally as impressive as that of their London launch last week, which featured carrousel horses, seaside picture boards and sailor-suited waiters.

But they won't be organising a catwalk show for her ready-to-wear designs, because Lily said that the business -- into which she has already invested nearly €300,000 -- can't afford it yet.

"A fashion show is a fairly expensive affair and we are a small start-up," Sarah said.

Lily explained the reason she quit the music industry was when she was pregnant and was keen to settle down and focus on family life.

And the star said that she couldn't give up the limelight because she "can't afford" not to work.

"I knew I had to do something else because I'm not wealthy enough not to work for the rest of my life," she said.

"I'm accustomed to living in a certain way. I like having a nice house and filling it with nice things. I'd like to be that position for the rest of my life so obviously I'm going to have to work."

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