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Kings of Leon proud of Potter fan

Kings of Leon have insisted they try not to let their famous fans distract them - but admit they get excited when they spot Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe at their gigs.

The Sex on Fire rockers count Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Liv Tyler among their fanbase, but don't like to know if there is going to be a celebrity in the audience.

Drummer Nathan Followill said: "If someone big is coming they usually won't tell us that's someone's coming because there's nothing you can do, that can only make you more nervous."

He added: "But is has been fun to look side stage and see someone and be like holy s*** I didn't know you were here!"

Brother Caleb added: "That's Daniel Radcliffe! Wow! Harry!"

Talhina Sky, a documentary about the band which premiers at Edinburgh Film Festival on Saturday, charts their rise to fame. But frontman Caleb admits if he could choose he'd like success without fame.

He said: "Most of the fights in this movie are because we're scared of the success that we've reached."

Caleb added: "I don't love the fame. When we're back home we got to Wallmart and I wear overalls and stuff and nobody knows who we are and they don't bug us.

"But when we get to a place where people are taking your pictures and bugging you and trying to figure out dirt on your family and things like that, I don't like that kind of stuff.

"But obviously the success has made it to where we can continue to make music because it is a living. It's not like we're just making music and then we have to go and do a day job - thank God for that!"

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