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Kian puts Jennifer back on road to stardom

FORMER Westlife star Kian Egan is tipping a two-time X Factor reject for pop stardom.

Dubliner Jennifer Healy didn't even get an audition for The Voice Of Ireland last year -- but is now one of the favourites for the current series.

"I went for the X factor when I was 16 and 17 and I queued up in Belfast and Croke Park for 16 hours to get seen, but unfortunately I didn't get through on either occasion," Jennifer told the Herald.

This hit music student Jennifer's confidence and it was several years before she tried out for another talent contest.

After applying for the Voice Of Ireland last year -- but not even getting an audition -- Jennifer had little hope for this year.

"But, I saw how well people did from the show, even though they didn't get to the end, so I just said I may as well apply again and see where it goes," said the 23-year-old.


Viewers of last weekend's show saw the Marino girl belting her way to success with the Jackson Five's I'll Be There and joining Kian's team.

Jennifer says: "I thought Kian would be the most into my style. I was a huge fan of Westlife when I was younger. He said he was really happy with it so I was delighted.

"Bressie said he liked my voice but he didn't feel it in his gut, which didn't surprise me because he always goes for the unique voices like Pat Byrne."

Jennifer, who has been at the Billy Barry stage school for 20 years, has battled to get her confidence back.

She is currently in second year at DIT, where she is studying a new modern music course.

Multi-talented Jennifer can sing, dance and play the piano and is looking forward to developing her music career. And says she will not stop trying, even if The Voice doesn't work out.

The Voice of Ireland auditions continue on RTE1 next Sunday at 6.30pm.