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Katie's plans for Rio glory on stolen laptop

A laptop which contained sensitive details about Irish boxers, including Olympic champion Katie Taylor, has been stolen.

The plans -- including a detailed financial breakdown for the Rio Olympics of 2016 -- were contained on a laptop belonging to Ireland's head boxing coach Billy Walsh.

No arrests have been made and the laptop has not been recovered.


Sources say that no suspects have been identified.

The theft happened near Mr Walsh's home in the Corish Park area of Wexford town on Saturday night.

The laptop had boxing grant plans for this year and 2014 along with a boxing strategy for the next Olympics, including a budget and general team plans for the Rio Games.

However, the laptop did not contain personal details about Katie or any other athlete.

Highly respected coach Mr Walsh said: "The car was parked in a private place. It was one of those things, I should have brought in the laptop but I'd spent a long week in Dublin and I was tired and just wanted to go into the house.

"I didn't realise I hadn't locked the car, I just pressed the wrong button.

"Someone must have been walking by and saw the laptop on the back seat and opened the door.

"As long as no one is hurt, it doesn't matter that much. I remember the plans in my head so I can start planning again."