Monday 11 December 2017

Kathryn and Enda's romantic break to mark 1st anniversary

NEW FACE: Lucy Kennedy takes over No Frontiers helm

RTE star Kathryn Thomas is planning to get wild 'n' western with her garda boyfriend.

Kathryn and her beau Enda Waters have just celebrated their first anniversary together as a couple -- and the No Frontiers presenter is as loved-up as ever.

The couple were in Greece recently -- but have plans to go away again for a while.

"We're going to go away in September again, just the two of us," Kathryn told the Herald.

Kathryn was opening her heart amid speculation that Lucy Kennedy is going to take over her job on No Frontiers.

The 33-year-old former hostess and star of Ballydung Manor has set her sights on broader horizons.

She has already tested out her travelling skills during her own show Livin' with Lucy when she travelled to meet Samantha Mumba in London, Calum Best in Spain and Brian McFadden in Sydney.

Regarding the changeover on the show, an RTE insider said: "Kathryn has been doing No Frontiers for seven or eight years. She loved it but after years flying around the globe, she simply wants to spend more time at home in Ireland."

Meanwhile, Kathryn and Enda's next sojourn is likely to see them heading west, as Kathryn has been keeping an eye out for the next hot destination. America is top of her list it seems, and she's taking Enda with her -- but she insists that she's still thinking up ideas.


"I'd love to take him to Montana. It's a real boy's holiday with lots of cowboys and ranches and horses."

Swanning across the skies with her high-flying career, Kathryn gets to sample locations first-hand before she passes the tips onto her garda boyfriend.

"I'm just back from Chicago and Montana, I flew in this morning. Montana was incredible," she added.

Despite her demanding schedule, Kathryn is still managing to pin down her love-struck man, and the couple have just celebrated their one-year anniversary.

"Things are going great. I haven't seen him in three weeks ... I speak to him on the phone, so as far as I know he's doing great," she joked.

Kathryn is a very busy lady, with lots of projects in the pipeline after she won the IFTA TV personality of the year award.

"Winning the IFTAs was just brilliant. It has pride of place in my sitting room. It was a great night."

Much to the public's dismay, the chatty lady still remains uncharacteristically tight-lipped about whether she's the next hot ticket to present Winning Streak for RTE. "I can't comment on that at all at the moment -- there's so much stuff I'm reading that's not true," she added.

While the rumours circulate, all Kathryn is focusing on is which exotic spot she'll fly to next, and by all accounts the No Frontiers season is going very well.

"We've clocked up half the series so far," she said.

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