Friday 25 May 2018

Jules' little trouper is home at last from intensive care

MODEL boss Jules Fallon's 'little trouper' is finally home with her family after months in intensive care.

Baby Arian, who is just three months old, was born by emergency C-section at Holles Street.

Jules, who discovered she was expecting on her 40th birthday, had a mostly healthy pregnancy -- but found she was quite ill with just weeks to go.

The Dublin businesswoman was forced to have her baby 12 weeks early after an illness threatened her life and that of her baby.

Jules was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia toxemia which meant the placenta was poisoning her.

The condition meant that she could have had a fit and her blood would stop clotting.

The little baby girl was just 2lb when she was delivered, the size of Jules's hand.

And the mum-of-three said that it was a "day by day game" in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital and there were some "scary days". But the proud mum said that now Arian has pulled through and is thriving at home.

"She is home and doing well," she told the Herald.

"There are a few medical issues to deal with. She will have many medical appointments for the next couple of years but that's to be expected. Apart from that, she is a trouper."

The First Options model boss and her husband Adrian Cook have a two-year-old and six-year-old boy, Sebastian and Christian, who have now welcomed their little sister home.

"I explained that she was in a special oven, like a cake is in an oven," she said.

Jules spent every day in the hospital's high-risk ward with her premature baby. It has been a slow process to boost up her strength after she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart and had to undergo a full blood transfusion.


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