Saturday 20 January 2018

Jen's got the jitters ahead of her One Night Stand debut

NEW RTE star Jennifer Maguire admits the nerves are beginning to kick in ahead of the debut of her first TV show One Night Stand, which will hit our screens later this month.

The chatty brunette claims she has put herself under immense pressure to impress, as she is very conscious of the numerous other broadcasters waiting in the wings to step into her shoes if the series isn't a hit.

Jennifer (30), who shot to fame on the British version of The Apprentice, is adamant that she hasn't experienced any jealousy or begrudgery from other well-known names in the business after landing the TV gig.

"I'm very aware that there are a lot of other people out there who can do the job just as well if not better than you, so you're always going to feel that extra bit of pressure to impress," she told the Herald. "It's a tough time at the moment and there are very few TV jobs out there so I know how lucky I am."

Has she experienced jealousy? "I would say not at all. It's not like that here. I think people really support their own. It's such a small country and there's a very small circle of presenters so you're better off getting on with everyone in the industry if you can."

The glamorous beauty has already got the majority of filming in the bag and will spend this weekend in Limerick alongside former Mister International winner Francis Xavier Usanga (24), Johnny Hammond (29) and Greg Twomey (24), all of whom are looking for love.

Jennifer's own love life has never been better meanwhile, after her longtime beau, Lau Zamperelli, made the move to Ireland in recent weeks. The couple have bought a house together and are looking forward to living in the same country for the first time since they met four years ago.

According to Jennifer: "He's just moved over and it's fantastic. We've found somewhere to live so we're getting settled in there now.

"He's been here for just over a week now and we're both enjoying the novelty of living in the same place for the first time. I'm just kind of sleeping there at the moment though as I've been so busy with work."

Jennifer has also been signed up to contribute to the forthcoming season of Neil Delamere's hit comedy series, The Republic Of Telly.

Jennifer admits that her role as showbiz reporter on the hit programme will see her engaging in even cheekier and more daring gags than last year.


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