Thursday 21 March 2019

Jennifer's on-air jibe leaves O'Leary lost for words...but only briefly

STUNNED: RTE star calls Ryanair boss a 'pr**k'

JENNIFER Maguire has managed to do what people have been trying to do for years -- call Michael O'Leary a pr**k on TV and get away with it.

The Apprentice star left the Ryanair boss speechless during an interview segment for Republic of Telly, airing tonight.

The brunette beauty, who looked the part of a network reporter with her RTE microphone and ivory suit, began asking the airline chief about the volcanic ash and then discussed the thousands of Ryanair passengers left stranded by the volcano.

After bringing up the subject of the volcano, she asked: "What's it like being the biggest pr**k in Ireland?"

An insider explained that Michael was surprised by the question, but onlookers were even more shocked with his clever response.

"Michael was stunned for a minute. Jennifer really caught him off-guard because she had been asking him about the volcanic ash crisis and she looks the part with her RTE microphone.

"He was absolutely gobsmacked but he regained his composure and came back with a witty reply.

"He told her, 'You've never seen me without my clothes on so you really wouldn't known whether I am or not'. He took it really well in the end."

Jennifer (29) made her name as a contestant on BBC's Apprentice series and has been working on the comedy show for the past year.

And the star said she loves the gutsy nature of her job.

"I've been told I have a pair of b***s but I don't try to offend people, that's just what I'm asked to do for Republic of Telly because it's funny and it makes good TV.

"You shouldn't take yourself too seriously anyway. What I do isn't meant to upset anyone, it's just meant for a laugh."

Although she makes a living catching celebrities by surprise in front of the camera, she has avoided running into too much trouble from her notorious put-downs.

"So far, nobody has become really annoyed with me and I'm getting away with it."

In addition to her presenting duties, the TV personality also runs Bella Makeover Studio on South William Street. But she got her break into the presenting world after a chance meeting at the TVNow Awards.

"I sat next to Eddie Doyle from RTE and his wife at last year's TVNow awards. Basically I put about 25 of my business cards into his pockets so he'd remember me the next day."

In addition to insulting O'Leary, Maguire has also suggested to Marty Whelan he should retire, branded Gerry Ryan 'too old' for social events such as the Meteor awards and asked Grainne Seoige if she cringes when watching the 'talent' on the All Ireland Talent Show.


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