Wednesday 13 December 2017

Jedward set their sights on €3.5m Hollywood home

POP twins Jedward want to put their hard-earned cash into property in LA.

The madcap duo (20) say they've set their sights on a €3.5m mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

John and Edward Grimes said: "We'd love to live in New York and we're trying to buy a house in LA right now. It was on sale for €7m but it's down to €3.5m and we're waiting to hear whether we can have it."

American Pie actress Tara Reid is said to be excited about showing the twins around Hollywood.

The Lucan boys bonded with the star since they shared the Celebrity Big Brother house last year.

Tara (36) even appeared in the video for their hit single Wow Oh Wow.

She tweeted: "I'm so happy @planetjedward is coming to visit me in LA tomorrow! Xoxo..I love them like my little brothers, they're like family to me".

The former X Factor stars said they cannot bear to be apart from each other and will never let a woman get between them.

They added: "When we get married we'll get a big house with separate bedrooms, but a communal kitchen and living room so we could still see each other all the time."

Edward said: "We get girls breaking into our dressing rooms all the time.

"If we're in a hotel, girls book the rooms around us and listen through the walls. Girls come up to us in the street.

"But we haven't got time for anything serious. We are focused on becoming more and more famous." And despite all the female interest, the twins -- who say their dream woman would be Kelly Brook -- still leave something to be desired in the romance department.

John said: "If I was on my perfect date with a girl I'd take her to a supermarket to buy all the best food. Or we'd go to a water park."

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