Monday 21 January 2019

Jedward manager hits out at 'dirty tricks' in Eurosong bid

Jedward's road manager Liam McKenna has slammed suggestions that John and Edward Grimes (19) will not be singing Lipstick live.

And he revealed that he and the twins' mentor Caroline Downey-Desmond believe there is a "dirty tricks campaign" being waged against the teenagers in their Eurosong bid.

"She is absolutely devastated this is being said about Jedward because she has tried so hard to be dignified and be involved in a fair competition but this is going too far," he said.

"They will be 100pc singing live and it's upsetting for anyone to accuse them otherwise without any proof.

"As far as we're concerned, the competition starts on Friday night and this dirty tricks campaign is just in bad taste."

He was speaking after former Eurovision winner Paul Harrington criticised the twins' talent and said we wouldn't get out of the semi finals with them as our entry.

Speaking while launching a rival's entry this week, he said they would struggle to hold their own in Germany and they wouldn't be singing live.

Composer Shay Healy also waded into the row by saying how the twins would be relying on Rebecca Creighton to do all the singing and described them as a "joke".

However, their road manager Liam has said it's all part of a campaign to undermine the twins' ahead of their Eurosong performance on Friday.

"They have been up at 6am every morning this week rehearsing the song and their routine and it's them singing it, not Rebecca," he continued.

"We brought her in for backing vocals because there's female lines in the song."


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