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Jade's ex tells sons: new love can't replace mum

JEFF Brazier has revealed how he reassured his children that his new partner Nicola T would never "replace" their mother -- Jade Goody -- who died of cancer three years ago.

The television presenter and the former model -- real name Nicola Tappenden -- told Hello! magazine they were "head over heels" in love, but Brazier said he had been "nervous" about his two sons, Bobby (9) and Freddy (7) would deal with it.

He said: "After losing their mum, they don't want another mum; but I know they benefit from having a female around.

"I couldn't have asked for a better role model for my children. Nicola is an amazing mum."

He said his younger son struggled at first and went "through a bit of a spell", adding: "He would feel very upset about his mummy, and basically accuse Nicola of trying to replace his mummy -- not in his words, but in his actions."

Brazier said he sat down with Freddy and talked about it, adding: "I reminded him that Nicola isn't trying to be his mummy, that no-one could replace her, and that's what he needed to hear. He understood that."

The couple started dating in December and Brazier admits they have already "talked about marriage".

Brazier said he is "in this for the long haul" but his children are his priority.

He said: "Nothing really matters to me more than my children making it through their childhood, overcoming their grief and having a fantastic future."