Monday 18 December 2017

Jackie (47) leads charge of yummy mummy models

Former model Jackie Rafter is returning to the catwalk.

The mum-of-two, who has spent the past ten years working tirelessly as a fundraiser for the Bubblegum Club charity, revealed how she was approached by agency boss John Compton earlier this week.

He is trying to recruit a number of high-profile yummy mummies in a bid to portray 'real woman' on the catwalk.


According to Jackie: "I am 47 years of age and my first reaction when John approached me was to say 'Do you not think I'm a bit old?' but I'm looking forward to it.

"I'll be doing a bit of everything from shows like Ireland AM to catwalk shows.

"As a person who goes to these events and fashion shows regularly I think it's a great idea to get older women involved.

"When they have all these beautiful, skinny young girls wearing these outfits, you think that top or dress is lovely but she's 18 and it's going to look awful on me," she added.

Glamorous mum Jackie made her name as a teen model and shot to fame after competing in the Miss Boatshow in 1981.

She subsequently went on to compete in the Dublin Rose contest and became a staple on the fashion pages during her career.

The Dublin socialite's two children are both in their early 20s and Jackie says they were delighted to hear their mum would be taking to the runway once more.

"My daughter Kate and I regularly go shopping together to Top Shop or somewhere like that and I pick up some bits there," Jackie said.

"I think half the secret to looking and feeling younger is dressing younger and I always get lots of compliments.

"There is a line that you have to draw though," she added.

The svelte charity worker explained how she won't have to make any major changes to her diet to reclaim her spot on the catwalk as she's always worked hard to stay in shape.


"I've always had a really good diet and I've also done some sort of exercise so I'm not too worried about any of that," Jackie said. "At the moment I do Pilates which helps to keep me trim. I might have to get a bit of the false tan done for it, but that's about it," she added.

Meanwhile her new boss, Mr Compton is confidant Jackie will be inundated with work.

He said: "What's happening now in the business is that the clients are being a bit more realistic when it comes to fashion shows for TV. They want models in the age bracket of those who are watching."

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