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I've no time to take a break says Kian

THE days of Westlife may be over, but Kian Egan is still as busy as ever -- and he's even put off any summer holidays or romantic getaways.

The Sligo native has revealed that although he no longer has concert dates and tour commitments, himself and wife Jodi have opted to spend time at home this year instead of heading off on a vacation with their son Koa.

"He's seven months and we're really getting a feel for it all now. He's energetic, wants to be doing stuff.

"We're going to do a winter holiday next year, when Koa's a bit older," said the 32-year-old, who added that the family may even decide to enjoy their time off in Ireland, as the cold weather doesn't bother them.

"At the moment, we're over and back between Ireland and the UK and we're happy with that."


Kian told the Herald that things are going extremely well for him so far on his own and that there is more work than he expected so soon after hanging up his mic.

"I'm back working quicker than I thought, the offers are coming in. If there's another career for me that comes out of Westlife, that's great," he said.

Although he has some experience as a boss from working with Jodi's former girl group Wonderland, Kian admitted that he is putting his management plans on hold for the foreseeable future.

"I've always leaned towards TV or music management. But unless you have the right people or if you are without a record label, you're really up against it ... it's not worth it at the moment. I want to stay from it for now.

"Maybe in a few years, Irish boy bands do really well worldwide, like Westlife or Boyzone as Louis has done it. I'd like to team up with him or do it on my own, but not for another 10 years," he added.