Wednesday 22 November 2017

I've no regrets about gun photo, says Rachel

THE stink over Rachel Allen's 'Birds on a Bonnet' picture continues today, with a feared backlash against the celebrity chef.

While Ms Allen continues to defend her decision to post a photo of an array of dead pheasants and game birds draped over her Audi Q7, hundreds of people have criticised her

The celebrity chef received an onslaught of criticism after the picture, which was taken last week, came to the attention of the public on her Facebook page.

More than 700 comments were made on the Dublin mum's social network page about the photo, while others called RTE's Liveline to complain, which prompted Rachel to say that the sourcing of food was a "long held interest" of hers.

The photo was taken on St Stephen's Day on the grounds of Rachel's family hotel and cookery school, Ballymaloe House, in Cork.

It shows the smiling mum-of-three brandishing a double-barrelled shotgun, next to five dead pheasants which have been placed on her Audi 4X4.

The Herald contacted Audi yesterday to get their reaction on this unlikely -- and some would say "bad" -- publicity.

The luxury car manufacturer said that it would "not be commenting on this story".

Meanwhile, Rachel Allen's public statement remarked that her popular cooking show had previously looked at the origin of the ingredients she uses and that there had been no complaints at the time.

"My Facebook page is an information outlet for food-related topics and I have always tried to include information relating to the recipes or events featured, both to promote them and contextualise them.

"The origin or sourcing of food has been a long-held interest and concern of mine and I have gone to great lengths in my current series and respect it."


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