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I've no problem stripping if scene needs it - Aoibhinn

ACTRESS Aoibhinn McGinnity says she'll happily strip down to her underwear -- but only if it's in the name of art.

The Monaghan native, who plays Nidge's wife Trish in gangland drama Love/Hate, had to bare almost all on TV when she wandered about in nothing but her knickers and bra.

And last year, Aoibhinn (25) danced about in her underwear on stage for Elevator, one of the best selling shows during Dublin Theatre Fringe Festival.

"I'm always taking my clothes off," Aoibhinn laughed. "I can't help it. No, no. I'm joking."

While the thought of being scantily clad on screen would make most women a nervous wreck, Aoibhinn says there simply isn't time on set to start stressing over body issues.


"There's no time to feel self- conscious or start thinking 'I feel fat', you just get on with it and do it. If it's in the script and it makes sense, then you've got to do it."

"In Love/Hate I was doing bedroom scenes with my husband Nidge. So it makes complete sense that I'm in my underwear. It's not that crazy."

The Monaghan native is thrilled that the gritty drama picked up so many IFTA nominations.

"I'm delighted. I thought the series got bigger and better this year so I was thrilled when it got so many nominations."

And Aoibhinn is looking forward to getting her hands on the scripts for the fourth series.

"I'm dying to see the scripts. We start shooting at the end of February and I cannot wait."

But before she returns, Aoibhinn is appearing in the restaging of Anglo: The Musical at The Olympia Theatre.