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I've lost a stone, but I'll need lipo for my belly fat -- size 8 Holly

JUST what makes a size eight model with a body most women would die for believe she needs to lose weight?

Holly Carpenter, girlfriend of Leinster star Cian Healy, has raised eyebrows after opting to undergo the latest fad in weight loss -- fat-busting laser treatment.

Body-conscious Holly (21), who has already dropped more than a stone after embarking on a strict regime, says she needed the treatment to get rid of a supposed paunch.

"All women have problem areas," she said. "We have a layer of glycerol underneath the skins surface which makes it hard to tone up certain places.

"The area underneath my belly button is my problem area. So I thought, why not?" The eight-course Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment costs a hefty €1,000 and claims to visibly reduce waistlines after 10 minutes.

A belt of eight laser paddles are applied to your problem area. The hot lasers cause pores to open in fats cells, which allows the cells to expel water, fatty acids and glycerol. But here's the clincher; clients have to take part in a gruelling 20-minute cardio session after the treatment to ensure they budge that bulge.

Even after the palava with the paddles; you still have to hit the gym and sweat out that fat.

Not that this has deterred Holly.

"There is no suction. It just sort of melts away your fat. I think people freak out when they hear the world lipo. It's not like getting surgery."

Holly isn't the only model signing up for the pricey treatment.

Tallafornia star Kelly Donegan and model Hazel O'Sullivan have also gone under the laser.


Laser Lipo therapist Aoife McKenna, of 4th Avenue Beauty Salon, assures clients this isn't just the latest quack treatment and should not be considered on its own.

"This is not a radical or quick term procedure. It's a weight loss aid. It's has to used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle," she says. "Most people get eight treatments, but with models as slim as Holly we would recommend a series of three to four treatments to ensure they don't lose too much weight."