Wednesday 20 February 2019

I've found love again with my hunky London businessman, reveals Leigh

SMITTEN: Ex-Clinic actress embarks on new romance

STUNNING actress Leigh Arnold (31) has spoken for the first time about finding love again with a new man.

The former Clinic star is completely smitten with a British businessman named Steve Davies (43), who is one of the reasons behind her decision to stay on in London, as their romance continues to gather pace.

And the well-known socialite, who moved to the UK to pursue her acting career last January, has revealed how she's a "very happy bunny" at the moment. "I'm a little homesick but I'm in love so it's a good distraction from that," she said.

The actress, who won a Best Supporting Actress award for independent movie Charlie Casanova, has been dating Steve for several months now and the pair are said to be head over heels in love.


Leigh brought him back home to Dublin in April to meet her family and friends as a clear sign that she sees a future in the relationship.

"They're mad about each other. They just really clicked from the start and they're trying to spend as much time as possible with each other. Leigh likes the fact that he's a little bit older than her and is really mature," said a close pal. "It's still early days and Leigh hasn't had the best luck when it comes to love, but all the right signs are there so far."

Originally from Manchester, Steve is a director for Stanton Fisher, a company that specialises in financial claims, and has made no secret of his fondness for the former RTE actress.

She has said that she's "loving" living over in London as she sets about planning the next step in her acting career.

Her last big relationship was with former playboy Marcus Sweeney, who has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent months. Controversial Marcus, who has had two failed restaurants, started dating Leigh after his split from the late model Katy French, to whom he was engaged.

Despite seeming like an unlikely pair when they first started dating, they ended up living together in Leigh's house in Foxrock. One of the most photographed couples on the social scene, the pair were rarely out of the gossip headlines as they enjoyed a very high-profile romance.

However, they decided to call it quits after he moved to Dubai to try his hand at working in the construction industry over there. He has now come back to Ireland to set up a firm that plans to showcase cheap property from the state agency NAMA.


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