Thursday 17 January 2019

I've dropped four cup sizes on Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation leader Rachel Walker is over the moon with her dramatic weight loss -- but her partner Karl is having second thoughts.

Through the diet and exercise programme Rachel's bust has dropped four cup sizes.

"The more I lose, the better it is for more because it has a lot less weight to support in front," a delighted Rachel (36) explains.

"I'm doing a lot more exercise than I've ever done before and it just goes to show that it really pays off, you're losing from the right places where you need to lose weight.

"But to be quite honest, Karl wasn't as impressed as I was that I went down in cup sizes," the bubbly brunette laughed.

"Overall he's delighted and very complimentary, he can see the change in me more than I can and he always tells me that he loves the way I look."

Mum-of-three Rachel suffered a setback last week when she missed her target weight loss for the first time since the programme started -- although she still managed to shed half a pound and reach 12st 10.5lbs, a mere 4.5lbs shy of her target weight for the end of the reality series.

Rachel, dubbed the show's "most popular leader", by fitness guru Karl Henry is determined that she will impress the judges by sticking with Dr Eva Orsmond's strict eating plan and Karl's tough exercise routine this week.

"It was my first setback but at the same time, it wasn't really a bad week, it's not as if I didn't follow my plan," she said.

Meath mother-of-four Sinead Heffernan had gained a pound and a half at last week's weigh-in.

No-nonsense nutritionist Dr Orsmond was very critical of Sinead's lack of progress and even accused presenter Kathryn Thomas for taking the 37-year-old leader out to the theatre and offering her a glass of wine.


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