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'It's silly ... but I missed Electric Picnic because I had to return shelves to IKEA!'


Ray Foley

Ray Foley

Ray Foley

TODAY the Ray Foley show is on tour for an outside broadcast live from the Cois Fharraige Festival in Kilkee, County Clare.

I've been looking forward to this weekend for ages because there's such a good line-up. Even though it's only finding its feet in terms of what it is the festival is really taking off and sold out again this year. Cois Fharraige is unique because it's a surf and music festival. A whole host of great acts have been lined up to perform at the three day including Travis, Supergrass, The Zutons, The Futureheads, The Coronas, Seasick Steve, Starsailor, Kila and Natty.

We've been on the phone all week trying to organise acts to come on the show and so far we've a really good line-up. We've arranged for a couple of the very big names to come and perform live on air because we're going to be set up in the Marquee.

The great thing about this festival is it's only one venue so there's no vast campsite like Electric Picnic and Oxegen. It's taking place over three nights and we're on air from 12 until 2.30pm but after that the weekend's my own. I can do as I please so the plan is to relax and take it easy. My wife is coming with me as well so it should be a good laugh. It's been a bit of a crazy week all round.

I was really disappointed not to make it to the Electric Picnic Festival last weekend, it's a bit of a silly story but basically I missed it because I had to go to Belfast to the IKEA store to return some shelves that were about to go out of warranty.

So Saturday was spent driving up to Belfast and we spent a nice few hours up there before driving home to do the usual catching up with the gang.

I didn't do a whole lot then on Sunday, it was just relaxing before going back to work for another week.

On Monday I started a bit earlier than usual because Ray D'arcy has been off for a couple of weeks. He was in Tralee last week and this week he's on holidays.

We've been on from 10 o'clock every morning so it's just slightly longer than our usual show by fifteen minutes. It's good fun being on in the morning apart from the early start.

We'd have a lot of the work done from the day before but we have to come into the office for about 8 or 8.30. Our show on Monday was mostly about Electric Picnic which seems to have been a really good weekend. I was so jealous of all the listeners who got to go.

On Tuesday there was another house disaster- basically our shower went bust so I happened to mention it on air. The great thing about doing the early morning show for Ray is that his listener's text in and try and solve your problems. I had all the plumbers of the nation texting in to tell me what would be the best model and make so I'm indebted to all the people of Ireland who helped me out. Ray has a good grounding having done Fix It Friday all this time. He always gets loads of responses and reactions to all his problems.

Wednesday then it was just getting ready for Cois Fharraige. We had to get on the phone after our show and get it all organised for when we got down to Kilkee. Other than that I didn't do a whole lot, just got ready to head off and packed up the gear and the whole lot.


I didn't pack anything for surfing though because I said I would never go surfing again after my last experience. I've only tried it once in my life and I've no patience. I kept falling over and was black and blue, so never again.

On Thursday we did our early morning show and then it was straight into the car to drive down to Kilkee.

It was a long drive, over four hours and we all shared a house for the night and we were trying to convince ourselves all week that it would be fun but it turned out to actually be a good laugh.

Adelle is getting married soon so she's actually having her hen party tonight in Dublin.

She's going to be wrecked because she has to drive back from Clare after doing the show this morning. She's leaving me and JP to run wild for the weekend so it should be a good laugh.

Today, as I said we're live from Kilkee. It's nice to have a bit of variety sometimes and no harm to have something unique in comparison to the other stations.

I wouldn't say there's a lot of competition really with our show and other shows because our policy is just to have the craic and whenever it gets too serious someone usually texts in and asks what are you at?

It depends what you want really, our motto is just to have fun and play some good tunes. Whereas in comparison on RTE One you have Joe Duffy with Liveline and Newstalk are quite serious too.

There would be a bit of healthy competition between ourselves and Nicki Hayes I suppose but that's necessary.

We're very happy with the latest JLNR figures. Sometimes they're up and sometimes they're down but Today FM is really in the big league nowadays. Our show is up by 5,000 listeners so it's all positive, not that we like to be boasting.

We're hoping to make it in to this year's PPI Radio Awards at the Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny. Last year we were robbed of the award so we'll give it our best shot this time. Hopefully we'll be short-listed again this year.

It'll be a bit strange if we're up against Newstalk people now that we're all in the same building.

Although in saying that since they moved in last Monday we haven't seen them hanging around anywhere.

We're on two completely different floors so we never see them.

I thought I'd be seeing George Hook and Claire Byrne and we'd be like the bankers on the Halifax ad fighting each other at the coffee machine but I haven't seen them once yet.

That's it for now, I'm off to party for the weekend.