Tuesday 12 December 2017

It's my hair parting that makes me look younger, not surgery -- Alan

A CHANGE to his hair parting and some hair dye has led to some people asking if TV3 star Alan Hughes has had "some work" done.

However, the affable Ireland AM star has laughed off speculation that he has gone under the knife, and said it was a desire to look "more preppy" for his Family Fortunes promo shoot that has people saying he looks different.

The star, who is in his mid-40s, has a youthful complexion -- but says that this is all down to simple beauty treatments. And given that he won TV3's Celebrity Salon last summer, this should come as no surprise.

"I try and get a facial every week -- there are times when I'm taking off and putting on make-up two or three times a day because of work, especially, around the time of the panto," he said.

"A lot of people have mentioned that I look different in the photos, but I think it was because of my hair parting -- I wore it to the side for a preppy look and got it coloured before Jenny [McCarthy] took the shots, to go with the sharp suit," he added.

While he has never had Botox or fillers to improve his visage, Celebrity Salon winner Alan admitted he would not object to getting a few tweaks done in the future.

"Of course I would go down that route to look fresher, I'm pro anything that makes you look fresher so I would say yes to Botox or fillers. But I hate the plastic look.


"I'd like to go to Louis Walsh's surgeon if I were to get it in a few years, hopefully I don't need it yet," he laughed.

The first instalment of Family Fortunes kicks off on Saturday night and viewers can expect to see former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker and her family take on The Priests.

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