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It's hard to believe that my daughter Holly is nearly one.

SHE has her birthday on April 12 and I can't believe how fast it went - a year just flew by in the blink of an eye.

SHE'S a serious character, she just cracks me up with the things that she does.

I feel like she's quite grown up in her own way, kind of like an old soul.

I'm the kind of person who likes to plan things and know what's happening in advance, and I remember going to my consultant and asking, 'any idea when she's going to arrive?' He was just like, 'babies come in their own time' and I was going mad at home bouncing on my yoga ball trying to get things started.

I remember even going to bed early just so the days would go faster.

I think myself and Richie are done on the baby front now. I've been in baby mode for three years and it's nice to get back to just being me.

You kind of go, 'holy moly, three years have passed' and you come out of it going, 'I have my beautiful children now and I'm more than happy.'