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It's been easy working with my boyfriend - but we've no plans to live together yet, reveals Daniella


Daniella Moyes

Daniella Moyes

Andres Poveda

Daniella Moyes

Radio presenter Daniella Moyles thought it might be "weird" working in the same place as her boyfriend Dara Quilty, but she has told the Diary that it's going great.

Daniella (27) presents the Zoo Crew on Spin 1038 and Dara fronts 98fm's drive-time slot and as both stations are based in the same building, the former model was worried that she'd see too much of her other half. However, it hasn't turned out that way.

"I never bump into Dara. We have to go out of our way to see each other because we actually have conflicting schedules," Daniella said.

"He's on air from four in the afternoon and I'm on air basically until nine in the evening, so we're actually on opposite schedules.

"So we have to go down to see each other but it's nice to have him there and pop in and say hello or get a cup of tea in the kitchen or whatever.

"When I was started working there I did wonder if it would be weird but it's not, it's lovely," she added.

They're together for three years but radio's golden couple haven't moved in together yet as the timing just hasn't been right.

"Before I was working in Athlone and he was working in town and we were all over the place and then we decided that it might be slightly over-whelming to work and live together so we'll see how it goes," she admitted.

"I think it would have been a bit strange to all of a sudden be waking up in the morning and driving to work together and then drive home together," she added.

As well as lending her voice to radio, Daniella has been writing travel articles as well as some fashion pieces for Spin's new online publication, In Magazine.

"It's nice. Whenever I have a spare few minutes at work I can just write something for the magazine," she said.

"I really, really love writing, it's become something I've really loved in the last few years," she added.


And she also revealed that she might like to pen a book in the future.

"Not any time soon, I think you really have to have some life experience behind you to do something like that but I mean it would definitely be an aspiration in 10 years or something," she said.

"It could be a long-term plan. Although I'd feel weird about killing trees, maybe I'd release an ebook rather than a real book."