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Iron man Keith's midnight training

He might be a busy dad of two but Keith Duffy is obviously finding time to work out.

Keith (37) is doing whatever it takes to raise money for his charity, Irish Autism Action, ahead of his Iron Man debut in September. The Herald can reveal that the Boyzone singer trains at all hours of the night in order to ensure that he will be in shape for the Iron Man triathlon in Galway.

This year is the first time that the international competition will have an Irish preliminary and Keith jumped at the opportunity to challenge himself.

His personal trainer Paul Byrne said: "I've been training Keith for the last few years for Boyzone, but recently he decided to take it to the next level.

"We train three times a week -- just the other day we did a 50km bike ride and 15km swim.

"A few weeks ago, we cycled from Geneva to Monte Carlo, which was a 600km cycle over four days. It was 190km the first day, then 180km the next.

"At the end, he broke down crying, but 60 started and only six finished."

"I've always had to work around his schedules, but you get used to the irregular hours," Paul added. "When he came off the plane on Friday night, he came into me and said would I still be up for a cycle, so we went for 60km in the p***ing rain around Howth and Skerries."