Wednesday 22 November 2017

Irish screen star Kevin works out three times a day for Coppers role

IRISH actor Kevin J Ryan has revealed he's training three times a day and following a strict diet to achieve the perfect look for new BBC period drama Coppers.

The Dublin native portrays Detective Francis Maguire, an Irish police officer and boxer working in New York City during the Civil War, in the series.

"I had to lean out to play a boxer, thankfully I had the luxury of time to prepare but it was not the most attractive diet," Kevin told the Herald.

"I've been eating things like egg whites, raw vegetables, spinach, I've cut out most carbs and I'm training three times a day -- around an hour and a half each time.

"I wake up at 6am, hit the gym and then do cardio in the afternoon and evening. I started before Christmas, it was a nightmare.

"When I should have been back in Dublin going to pubs with my friends and family, I was in LA in the bloody gym."

Kevin (27), who is married to Michelle Pfeiffer's actress sister Dedee (47), also had to grow his hair to look the part of an Irish emigrant working in the tough Five Points area of Manhattan.

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