Friday 17 November 2017

Imagine that:a woman looking her age

didn't you used to be..?

AGE has not withered her talent, with Jessica Lange beating younger rivals Sofia Vergara and Evan Rachel Wood to pick up the Golden Globe for her part in the TV series American Horror Story.

Yet Jessica (62) raised eyebrows at her red-carpet appearance. Her jagged jawline and wrinkled neck meant she looked her age -- something of a rare sight at a Hollywood event.

In an era when face fillers are de rigueur for female stars, the actress's cheeks looked sunken and dry and those of a mature woman.

Yet Lange was not the only star causing double takes at the awards ceremony. Cameron Diaz's old-fashioned short hair also caused confusion. The star (39) normally wears her hair in a long, wavy surfing style which makes the athletic actress look younger than her age. Going shorter has had the reverse affect.

On the cusp of her 40th year, the actress also wore a lace-trimmed tight-fitting dress which had unsightly creases across the waist, and made it look like the dress was straining to fit her worked-out curves.

If Cameron looked matronly, she wasn't alone, however. Is a new trend to age naturally taking Hollywood by storm? And are stars now turning their backs on being size zero and Botoxed?

Actress Andie MacDowell's one-shoulder, grey lace dress was pulled so tightly across her tummy, it looked as if the actress (53) would have been more comfortable in a larger size.

For an actress known for having a youthful glow about her, she also looked distinctly grey and tired.

Andie's daughter Rainey Qualley is the latest in a long line of celebrity offspring to take on the job of Miss Golden Globe, and the 22-year-old helped hand out the statuettes to winners at the awards show. Of course, being accompanied by a younger version of her beautiful self would have highlighted Andie's advancing years in the eyes of onlookers.

And how is Matt LeBlanc, formerly Joey in Friends, doing these days? The star (44) won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a comedy series, and so professionally he is on a high.

Physically however, he was a greyer and more faded version of his former self, which may explain his choice of a more flattering navy suit.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt (48) is urgently in need of a razor to reclaim his clean-shaven youthfulness, before he reminds us any more of his older version of Benjamin Button in the hit movie of the same name.

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