Friday 15 December 2017

I'm so happy Yvonne is cooking up a new telly career, says pal Cecelia

NEW ROLE: Yvonne Keating, left, is loving being a part of MasterChef, according to friend Cecelia Ahern
NEW ROLE: Yvonne Keating, left, is loving being a part of MasterChef, according to friend Cecelia Ahern

SHE played the part of loyal wife and adoring mother for years.

But according to Cecelia Ahern, pal Yvonne Keating (39) is determined to carve a new role out for herself.

Yvonne is currently taking part in RTE's culinary series Masterchef. And author Cecelia (31) says filming has been hugely important to her.

"Yvonne has been mammy and wife for however many years now," the author said.

"And I think for the first time she's doing something for herself.

"I think she's just throwing herself into MasterChef, so I'm chuffed for her."

Since her split from Ronan in 2011, Yvonne has moved on with her life and found a new man – cinematographer John Conroy.

And it looks as if she's going from strength to strength, because since appearing on the reality cookery show Yvonne has landed a summer cookery slot on ITV's This Morning.

This Sunday night, Yvonne's close friend Cecelia will join comedian Johnny Vegas, model Roz Purcell and sprinter Derval O'Rourke on MasterChef.

The contestants' celebrity pals will judge dishes presented before them.

And Cecelia says she has been a fan of the show for years. "Yvonne's said it's really intense. I watch the show all the time, I'd be sitting there with my baked beans going, 'Oooh that's not a good dish', but doing it yourself is a whole other issue."

Last week, Tracy Piggott was kicked off the show, but presenter Maia Dunphy sailed through to the dessert-based task.

And her other half Johnny Vegas says when it comes to family life, the kitchen is very much Maia's domain.

"I try to do the washing up but the kitchen is Maia's domain, I've gotta say. I've not fought that, I've been supportive as much as I can," he said.



"If she feels she needs to do the dishes after slaving over a hot meal, who am I to argue? I was a very modern man when I met her; now I've just gone backwards."

"At home she's an amazing cook," Johnny added. "She is incredibly tough on herself. We're nervous on their behalf, but they're in the kitchen and we're sitting out here enjoying the spoils of it."


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