Tuesday 22 May 2018

I'm sick of people throwing up on me on New Year's Eve -- Pat

It'll be a quiet night in for Frontline presenter Pat Kenny this New Year's Eve.

The 64-year-old broadcaster says he'll be staying in as he's fed up with strangers "getting sick on him".

And according to the former Late Late Show host, "that's usually what happens on New Year's Eve".

Pat said he used to ring in the New Year in a flurry of dancing and drinks -- but in recent years he has grown tired of boisterous party goers and punters.

"I used to like to go out but I got more and more tired of people getting sick all over me," Pat told the Herald.

"So I'll probably be staying in with Kathy and taking things easy, although I've no set plans at the moment."


Pat and wife Kathy met at a tennis event in 1986 and married six years later in Paris.

The pair, who have two teenage daughters, have been happily married ever since and Pat thinks she's the perfect partner to celebrate the festive season with.

"I don't cook the dinner, I do the peripherals. I keep everyone watered and Kathy keeps everyone fed. We find that works for us.

"I like to take the dogs for a walk during the day. I go down to the Forty Foot, I don't swim but I look at all the mad people jumping in the water."

There will be plenty of change in Pat's life next year. His flagship show The Frontline will be merged with Prime Time and Pat admits that he is sad to see The Frontline go.

"I obviously would prefer if The Frontline was coming back, we spent so much time building the brand," he said.

"But the logistics are that we're all in the one studio."

However, Pat believes it will take some time for viewers to become used to the new format.

"It wouldn't surprise me if the viewers were confused with the new format, I think I'll be confused by it.

"I don't know what the new show will be called. 'Prime Time' is the working title for the overarching new look. I don't think anything is set in stone.

"That is the plan but until the launch, nothing is firmed up until you go to air. But they will have to make decisions, very soon," he added.


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