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I'm really loving planning my wedding

STEVE and I will get married next August and we are pretty organised as I will give birth two months before that so there is a lot going on.

I didn't realise how tough it can be to plan for a wedding -- there is so much to do.

Things like table plans take up so much time, but I have really enjoyed it.

The wedding will take place in Ireland so it will be great to share the day with family and friends. My wedding dress is a secret but I am very excited about the designer who is making it.

Fittings obviously aren't the easiest at the moment because of the pregnancy so we have had to work around it.

I will keep eating healthy and exercising before and after the baby is born to make sure I am in good shape for it. I will have to see how things go in terms of work after I have the baby.

I went back to work five weeks after I had Hunter so it depends on what comes up, but I could be working in the summer. Other than that I will be relaxing ahead of the wedding and just enjoying life. It is a really special time right now.