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I'm only eating for two! TV3's Aisling laughs off rumour she's having twins

XPOSE presenter Aisling O'Loughlin (32) has laughed off reports that she could be expecting twins.

The glamourous blonde, who is just over 14 weeks into her first pregnancy, has said there's no truth to claims that she could be expecting two bundles of joy in December.

She told the Herald: "I have no idea where this came from. As far as I'm concerned, it's just one baby, unless there's one hiding behind the other one! I got a few calls about that but it's definitely just the one that I'm expecting."

There was huge excitement at TV3 after it was confirmed that the Shannon native was going to become a mum for the first time this Christmas, and she is already sporting a "small bump".

And she said that she has met with a "really warm" reception from everyone at TV3 as well as her family and friends upon learning the good news about her forthcoming arrival with her partner Nicholas MacInnes.

"It's great, it's hard not to be happy about bringing a child into the world.

"It's really exciting but scary at the same time," she said.

"I've been getting loads of advice from everyone around me at work. I've also got two sisters who have also had children so I can talk to them about it as well."


She went on to say how she hasn't had any peculiar pregnancy cravings, apart from suddenly developing a massive appetite that the svelte presenter never had before.

"I've been really lucky in that I haven't been sick or anything at all for the first couple of months.

"I had some moments where I felt like I could heave but I haven't gotten sick once," she continued.

"The only thing is that I'm continuing to eat everything around me.

"I've been going down to Topaz every day and bringing the biggest bread rolls back with me to work!"

The bubbly presenter is certainly following trends when it comes to being in the family way -- given the current baby boom that seems to be going on in the Ballymount station.

Fellow anchor Colette Fitzpatrick became a first-time mum to baby Milo last year while also expecting new arrivals are presenters Anna Daly and Andrea Hayes and Ireland AM executive producer Victoria O'Brien.