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I'm not ready for love, says fat buster Gavin

He is working on his new waistline, but Operation Transformation's Gavin Walker is not ready yet to look for love.

The Dublin leader was singled out for attention by the show's diet expert, Dr Eva Orsmond, after she declared it her mission to find a woman for Gavin (35).

But the Tallaght native, who separated from his wife last year, says, for now, he isn't interested in relationships and is concentrating instead on getting his weight under control.

"Dr Eva came to my house last week -- we had great fun and I saw a whole different side to her," Gavin told the Herald.

"She's great fun to be around, but it's just an old joke between us that she's going to find me a woman.

"I'm not too pushed right now as I'm trying to figure out what I want so I'm not looking for anything," added Gavin, who has four children.

Gavin auditioned for the sixth series of the hit weight loss show after the break-up of his marriage and he blames gruelling shift-work for causing havoc with his diet.

The 35-year-old sparked one of the most emotional scenes of the show so far when he opened up to show psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy about his feelings of loneliness.

Operation Transformation continues tonight at 8.30pm